Leaving 744

Role: Writing, storyboarding, motion design

The Daily Orange relocated to a new home in 2020 after operating out of 744 Ostrom Avenue for more than 30 years. Before the big move, I worked with D.O. management to create a video to supplement their fundraising campaign. I spent several weeks researching, writing, editing photos, designing, animating and recording narration to complete this project.

Photos: Daily Orange Archives, Emma Comtois, Alexandra Moreo, Lucy Naland, Syracuse University Archives, Tyler Youngman
Script: Lucy Naland, Sam Ogozalek, Aishwarya Sukesh

Initial storyboards. I created the first sketches in February 2019 and did the bulk of the actual animating in March and April of that year.

Storyboards compared to final video stills. While sections of the video directly reflect my original ideas, there are portions I found different solutions for later on.


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