The Washington Post on Instagram

Role: Visual identity; Instagram post design

I joined The Washington Post's Instagram team as a designer when it launched in April 2021. Below are some of my long-term and daily projects.

Creating a consistent brand system

When I started this role, my manager and I immediately began developing a new visual identity for The Post on Instagram and Twitter. Our first goal was reworking our social card generator – a tool editors use to create feed posts when designers are unavailable. This update has been crucial in maintaining a consistent style across our off-platform content.

I spent my first few months designing several new social card templates, as well as creating a brand mark and other visual elements, and later worked with developers and design team management to update the generator. The changes we made on Instagram and Twitter were also adopted by our Instagram Stories and national app teams.

Instagram post made with the original social card generator.

Redesigned social card generator output, featuring a new brand mark that ties in the team's color palette. 

The Post's feed in April 2021, which mostly consisted of headline cards made with the original social card generator.

The Post's feed in November 2021, showing a mix of posts designed by myself, along with reels, content from our national app, and cards made using the new generator.

Twitter card made with the original social card generator.

Redesigned social card generator output.

Twitter card made with the original social card generator. Editors would place two photos side by side, which often created unideal crops. They also had to add the photo credit in the tweet itself, which ate into their character count.

Twitter card made with the updated social card generator. The photo, quote, brand mark and photo credit are now all packaged within one image.


Designing posts

Day to day, I experiment with different storytelling approaches, such as type-driven designs and photo carousels. I also create photo illustrations, work with editors to adapt headlines for social audiences, and even occasionally pitch post ideas.


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