Facebook under fire

Role: Photo illustration
Oct. 2021

I created the lead art for The Post's coverage of the Facebook Papers – a trove of internal documents made public by whistleblower Frances Haugen. Faced with a tight turnaround, I quickly developed an illustration concept that could be templatized and used across the package. I ended up making 12 illustrations in just over a week. These pieces ultimately appeared on The Post's website, print edition, apps and social accounts.


The Uber files

Role: Photo illustration
July 2022

I produced the lead art and overall visual identity for The Post's Uber files investigation. My illustrations set the tone for the entire package and were featured across The Post's website, apps and off-platform channels. Two also appeared on the front page.


Midterms guide

Role: Photo illustration
May 2022

I created the lead art for The Post's midterms overview package. Over two weeks, I photo illustrated nine pieces under direction of design and national desk editors. These illustrations appeared across The Post's website, print edition, apps and social accounts. Page design by Tyler Remmel.


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