Sports Illustrated Social

Role: Illustration, motion design

During my internship at Sports Illustrated, I primarily worked on digital projects, including creating visuals for social media. Much of this work was shared by SI's Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Warriors & Caps win 6.8.18-6.9.18
With the Warriors and Capitals on the verge of winning their respective championships, I was asked to create celebration gifs for each team. I illustrated and animated these two pieces, which were both posted to SI's Twitter and Instagram.


Cover animations June-Aug. 2018
Throughout my internship I created cover animations for each issue. These gifs were shared to Twitter and Instagram every other week.


Where are they now? 7.9.18
This image was originally created for SI's annual "Where are they now?" print package. I was tasked with adapting it for social media by turning it into an animated piece.


Sportsperson of the Year Dec. 2018
Role: Motion design
I continued to work on motion projects for S.I. in the months following my internship. For one of these extra projects, I was asked to add motion to this piece, which was originally designed to promote the magazine's annual Sportsperson of the Year award.


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