lucy naland design

HUGs from Cara

Role: Writing, storyboarding, motion design

I was one of three senior designers on the 2019 Pixels & Print Design Workshop's Motion Team. Over the course of 48 hours, our group produced a short promotional video for HUGs from Cara, a local grief support organization. I was involved in the complete production of the video, from co-writing the script to leading storyboarding to animating the first third of the piece. I also stitched the three animators' sections of the video together under the tight deadline.


Team: Lucy Naland, Emma Comtois, Bridget Slomian, Laura Angle, John Doscas, Jordan Schnitzer, Noah Hammerman, Sam Adams, Grace Lively, Claudia McCann, Kristiana Morell, Elizabeth Kelly
Coaches: Maxx Berkowitz and Jeremy Walker



Animatic. This video shows my team's plans for the piece prior to animating. After discussing storyboard options, I sketched out these frames and another member of the team put them into motion.


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