City Collage Series

Role: Photo illustration

As part of my final undergraduate graphic design capstone, I was required to complete a 30-day passion project. I chose to create a series of 12 photo collages for cities I’ve visited and love. I researched each city, collected photos, and then cut them out, edited and arranged the images for each piece.

Day 01/12: Washington, D.C. 2.24.19

Initial sketches for D.C., Copenhagen and Paris. I started each collage by making a list of all the landmarks and elements to include. I then drew out a rough plan so I had a better idea of what to look for when browsing for photos.

Process gif. I cut out images as I went along, compiling and fitting them all together on one artboard.

Day 02/12: Amsterdam 2.25.19

Day 03/12: Montréal 2.26.19

Day 04/12: New Orleans 2.28.19

Day 05/12: Stockholm 3.2.19

Day 06/12: Boston 3.12.19

Day 07/12: Paris 3.15.19

Day 08/12: Los Angeles 3.16.19

Day 09/12: Toronto 3.23.19

Day 10/12: Copenhagen 3.25.19

Day 11/12: New York 3.26.19

Day 12/12: London 3.26.19


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