Boston Globe Magazine

Role: Art direction, page design, illustration

During my internship at The Boston Globe I got the opportunity to work on the paper's weekly magazine in addition to my work for the newspaper. My role at the magazine included hiring and working with illustrators for the "Connections" page every week as well as designing front of book and inside pages. I also designed two feature stories.


Feature: Erin Robertson 7.9.17
Role: Page design, photo selection
Photos: Joyelle West


Feature: Pilgrim 7.9.17
Role: Page design, photo selection
Photos: Globe Staff


Examiner: Sandy weather 6.25.17
Role: Page design, illustration


Connections: Shoptalk 7.30.17
Role: Art direction, page design
Illustration: Federica Bordoni


Connections: Squirrels 7.16.17
Role: Art direction, page design
Illustration: Ben Kirchner


Perspective: Woe is you 8.6.17
Role: Illustration, page design


Connections: Just my husband's type 6.25.17
Role: Art direction, page design
Illustration: Marie Mainguy


Style: Trim pickings 7.9.17
Role: Page design


Connections: Home Boys 6.18.17
Role: Art direction, page design
Illustration: Ryan Johnson


Week: Costume party 8.6.17
Role: Page design


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